About Us

Our Mission

We are giving to society an open platform to be heard; by shedding light on the perspectives of individuals in varying areas of our communities, that are commonly not considered “mainstream”.

Our Story

We are just two individuals that love to explore cultural differences. We love to meeting new people and explore new thoughts.  Curiosity is what drives us...

Meet the Cast


Shawn Rob


Shawn’s love for audio communication has given him the drive to host several podcast shows. A few years back Shawn was the host of a podcast called Radio Mulisha. Due to lack of consistency, Shawn stopped the show to pursue a new style of podcast. After many years of research and soul searching, Shawn found that he just wanted a show that explored people, places and things. This would be fulfilling to his curiosity. After meeting his Co-host Tay. The two of them found that they both seemed to want the same podcast format. Shortly after meeting the Tay and Shawn Show was born. Shawn has a beautiful wife Daisy, who is his true love. They share four children together Morgan, Ady, Adeliz and Nathan and Reside in central Florida.


Tay Williams


Tay Williams is one of the Co-Founders of WilliamsWellington Media Group and one of the Hosts for the Tay And Shawn Show. Tay understands how important our differences are for the success of society. Her aim for the podcast is to help listeners vicariously have new experiences. One of her goals is for patrons to better understand the world around them. Through travel, and exposure to the different cultures of the world Tays mindset has been enlightened. She is originally from Virginia which is where she meet and married her high school sweet heart and together they have an rambunctious fur baby named Kane.